Friday, September 25, 2009

New Teeth and Back Home

I have been coming back and forth down here for a couple months now from Logan to home. To get my teeth done and my stupid leg muscles fixed. Well I lost my job in Logan and have relocated back to Spanish Fork/Salem until I leave for my mission. It will help to get ready for my mission and I missed it but I will miss my friends up in Logan! I got my new teeth. I need to get the color adjusted just a bit. My natural teeth are just a bit whiter.
I also got a new phone that I really like. It has all the things fixed I did not like about my other phone. Its orange and slides to a keyboard. ah I love it!

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Home!

This weekend has been just super... awesome. Sigh. I am just eeeeeeee. So I had a check up with my orthodontic surgeon to see if my teeth were ready to go on (they should be, it has been over two years and it only is supposed to take six months). Well since I had to drive down from Logan just for the appointment he decided to just go ahead with the next step. Which is pretty much take out the gums between the posts in my bones and where the tooth will go and stick on these metal cap things that look awful!!! Uh so that was freaking sucky!!!! I didn't have any drugs to take so it hit me about twenty minutes after I left for the pain to hit and I rushed to Walmart and bought the first pain killers I could find and took as many as would make it go away.
I had to drive right back to Logan to move. So in super bad pain I drove 2 1/2 hours back when I was planning on staying down to see family and friends but couldn't. UH stupid apartments. So I had to be out by the next day and I felt like garbage. I got moved in to my new place and CRASHED! Uh rant rant rant!!! At least I get my new teeth on in a few weeks. Silver lining. Ten years of Orthodontic crap final done.
Well I do like my new apartment. It is being remodled right now but it is fine. I just can't help because I work all the time. I am glad to be out of apartments and I like the girl who owns the house. That is partly why I moved in. And I am moving in the my old roommate. It will just be the two of us in this cozy little place. This is forever long but I have not written in a while so it is all right.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun Friday Night and Good Satuday too.

So on Friday night, I hung out with my friend Lexi Wright and her roommates. We went to dinner at this really good Italian place in Smithfield. I love that place. Then we went to 17 again. Way funnier than I thought it would be. Then we went to Tummy Yummies. This new awesome frozen yogurt place here in Logan. We then decided to go ice blocking down old main hill. Oh my gosh, it was super fun. I slid off and hit my but like 10 times. It was super fun though. Bad thing, I left my keys at work and it was closed when I came back to campus for my car. So my friend drove me home and I walked to work. It was really nice outside but I had to walk up old main again after I did about ten times the night before. Then I went with Alishia's roommate Melissa and some guys from their ward and got Grist Mill sandwich's (which are my favorite) and went a little up the canyon to eat them at first dam. We played Frisbee and I accidentally threw it in the river. Yeah Adam went in to get it. Poor guy. It was freezing! I haven't played for a very long time. We went to Tummy Yummies again. Which is cool. I like that place. Then went back and watched Marley and Me with Melissa, Alishia, (her boyfriend) Casey, and Me. It was fun. Good times. I am excited for the summer. Leash and Melissa are moving to the complex I live in and am staying for the summer. It will be a blast.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Excited for spring break!

Last night was fun. We basically just chilled. It was fun. Some games and talking. We played a sweet prank. Sweet prank hehehe. Leash and I did it last year too but this year was way more fun. Leash got the egg dye tablets for dying easter eggs and covered them in sugar and blended them in with other candy. We tell people it is candy from Canada. And people would eat them like they were other candy. It dyed their teeth and mouth. It's not harmful but really funny. Pretty much everyone figures it out and spits it out. ahahahahahahahaah Oh gosh. Good times. We got her two roommates and a couples guys at the party. It was pretty great.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am 20 and doing good!

My birthday was good but different. I usually have a big party but this year it was on a sunday so I basically went to church and chilled at home. My roommates where gone becuase one was gone and the other had to work. I did get a calling finally after about 6 months in the ward. I am the corrister in Releif Society. I had just a nice relaxing day with a nap and tv. I got a lot of calls from family too. My mom and sibs, dad, grandma, Mark. It was good. I did have a party with some good friends on friday and we went bowling on saturday. It is really weird that I am 20. It's just weird. I am not used to it. I avoided homework on my birthday even though I shouldn't have. Oh well. It will be all right. I have no idea what I am going to do for the summer. I don't want to stay up in Logan but I am worried about going home and finding a job. I would rather go there than stay up here. I just don't know. I'm sure it will all work out. Much love, Amy

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I havn't written for a bit. I am super stressed! I have to work a lot and my homework load is so much worse than any other semester. I intended to work on homework all weekend but yesterday I was called to give a talk in church. yay... I just stammered. "" Brother Workman was like, "is that all right?" and I was like, "um... other than the fact I havn't given a talk in seven years when I was thirteen and it was three minutes long and my petrifying fear of public speaking... sure" but I don't really want to be smitten. I have enough problems as it is.
I have now fallen down four times this winter. I can walk normally but put me on ice and I will inevidably fall down. A few days ago it rained and then froze on the ground. Uh! I fell forwards and landed on my hands, knees and chin. Then fell backwards and hit my head. Then slipped and fell on my foot. Then two days ago I slipped on my stairs and hit my back and hurt my foot... again. This is a venting blog today. I am feeling better but... yeah.

So I got a new fish. I named him Monty. Him and I are good friends. He is redish and purple on the end of his long fin. And in good news... I TURN 20 IN EIGHT DAYS!!!