Thursday, October 23, 2008

I died my hair again!

So... I meant for it to turn out dark brown. It didn't. Oh well. Back to black. I am also getting a new computer. Yay!!! For Amy. No more slowness and ginormousness (that word doesn't make sense... oh well) any more. I did really well on my latest history test. My last one I did not do as well so I worked my butt of and got an 88!!!! And I finally had my car registered so I no longer have to be careful for cops. Life is good. Still stressfull, but good. I love Halloween! I am so excited! We are having a party!

Monday, October 6, 2008

So my computer won't start!

Yeah so my computer crashed! I know my luck. It is an old guy. Like four and a half five years old. So now i will have to use the computers on campus so I won't be blogging as much. Well my life is pretty good. Now I have to start saving money for a new computer. Yay! I have my four classes with are going pretty well and I am a mom in institute choir and I actually got up for 9 OCLOCK church (not last sunday but the one before that because last sunday was general conference). I work a lot and hang with Leash a lot. It rained ALL weekend. Like constantly. Weird. I bought a little pumpkin and drew a face on him and named him Petey the Pirate Pumpkin. He has an eyepatch. It's getting cold and I have to get to class.