Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things Are GREAT!!!

Here is an update. I have a lot to say so this will probably be long. Things are going GREAT!!! I am really happy! The semester is winding down. My classes coming to a close. I will be glad to say goodbye to Biology. I got my classes for next semester all done. But I have to take a Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, eight thirty IN THE MORNING MATH CLASS. Ugh. That's going to suck! But it's a good teacher so oh well. Thanksgiving Break is coming up and I have my job down in Provo all set up with my old boss at Icing. Well she got transferred to Orem Clair's but she really wanted me to work there so oh well. I will probably get more hours anyway and they are closed on Sundays. I am going to see if i can get a pay increase. I have not been home for like two months. So I am pretty excited. Twilight the movie comes out tomorrow!
My new apartment is AWESOME!! My roommates are great and I am a lot happier! Last night we went to a concert in Salt Lake. Hello, Goodbye was playing at the Venue. They are awesome live! They are really nerdy. We had a BLAST! The opening bands were good. But Hello, Goodbye was phenomenal! The crowd was great and it was crazy awesome! Most of the songs we jumped up and down and moshed a bit. And the main singer crowd surfed a few times and someone grabbed his glasses. He got them back though. The last song was my favorite and someone sprayed silly string everywhere and confetti. We called for an encore and the guys from the opening bands came up and jammed with them. It got really crazy and I pushed to the front to mosh and the I was surrounded by like five guys all about a foot taller than me and was almost squished to death. A guy from the band crowed surfed and I was too squished so he kind of landed on my head. And the lead singer from Hello, Goodbye came down offstage and danced with us. I was right there. Ha and I got one of his guitar picks. The concert went from 7 to about 11:30. I left completely deaf and my voice was almost gone from singing along and shouting. But it was worth it. It was SUPER FUN!
On the way home it took about and hour and a half we were driving on I-15 in the middle of the city and it was pretty deserted. The rest if us were almost asleep and all of a sudden there was a deer in the road. A huge one! Bonnie (my roommate who was driving) swerved barely out of the way. We almost hit it going 80. We starting fishtailing but Bonnie got in under control. I seriously almost died though. Ah! In my head I just kept repeating "I am going to die, I am going to die!" It was super scary. But we got home fine and it was one of the funnest nights of my life!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008!!!

I had classes and work earlier that day and I started feeling sick in the morning. But it was Halloween so I dealt with it. Well yesterday (saturday) that caught up with me and now I am not doing so well but Halloween was really fun! I am a Cheetah!

We went to a restraunt, Hamiltons and went dancing. It was really fun until it got a little creepy with the drinking and dancing. So we sat down for a while and made fun of all the drunk people and left at about one. While we were sitting there this one guy told us were were too sober and offered us some of his drink. He was dressed up like the Joker. We nicely refused and laughed as he walked off. Wow interesting night. I really liked my innocent upbringing. Ha