Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun Friday Night and Good Satuday too.

So on Friday night, I hung out with my friend Lexi Wright and her roommates. We went to dinner at this really good Italian place in Smithfield. I love that place. Then we went to 17 again. Way funnier than I thought it would be. Then we went to Tummy Yummies. This new awesome frozen yogurt place here in Logan. We then decided to go ice blocking down old main hill. Oh my gosh, it was super fun. I slid off and hit my but like 10 times. It was super fun though. Bad thing, I left my keys at work and it was closed when I came back to campus for my car. So my friend drove me home and I walked to work. It was really nice outside but I had to walk up old main again after I did about ten times the night before. Then I went with Alishia's roommate Melissa and some guys from their ward and got Grist Mill sandwich's (which are my favorite) and went a little up the canyon to eat them at first dam. We played Frisbee and I accidentally threw it in the river. Yeah Adam went in to get it. Poor guy. It was freezing! I haven't played for a very long time. We went to Tummy Yummies again. Which is cool. I like that place. Then went back and watched Marley and Me with Melissa, Alishia, (her boyfriend) Casey, and Me. It was fun. Good times. I am excited for the summer. Leash and Melissa are moving to the complex I live in and am staying for the summer. It will be a blast.