Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yay! Christmas is coming!

So I am super excited for Christmas! I am two finals down, two to go. I got a 77% on my biology though so that good. Sigh of relief. And an 83% on my family finanace. I am coming home friday night. My stress level is still up there though. Oh well. That's all I really have to report for now. LOVE

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Things Are GREAT!!!

Here is an update. I have a lot to say so this will probably be long. Things are going GREAT!!! I am really happy! The semester is winding down. My classes coming to a close. I will be glad to say goodbye to Biology. I got my classes for next semester all done. But I have to take a Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, eight thirty IN THE MORNING MATH CLASS. Ugh. That's going to suck! But it's a good teacher so oh well. Thanksgiving Break is coming up and I have my job down in Provo all set up with my old boss at Icing. Well she got transferred to Orem Clair's but she really wanted me to work there so oh well. I will probably get more hours anyway and they are closed on Sundays. I am going to see if i can get a pay increase. I have not been home for like two months. So I am pretty excited. Twilight the movie comes out tomorrow!
My new apartment is AWESOME!! My roommates are great and I am a lot happier! Last night we went to a concert in Salt Lake. Hello, Goodbye was playing at the Venue. They are awesome live! They are really nerdy. We had a BLAST! The opening bands were good. But Hello, Goodbye was phenomenal! The crowd was great and it was crazy awesome! Most of the songs we jumped up and down and moshed a bit. And the main singer crowd surfed a few times and someone grabbed his glasses. He got them back though. The last song was my favorite and someone sprayed silly string everywhere and confetti. We called for an encore and the guys from the opening bands came up and jammed with them. It got really crazy and I pushed to the front to mosh and the I was surrounded by like five guys all about a foot taller than me and was almost squished to death. A guy from the band crowed surfed and I was too squished so he kind of landed on my head. And the lead singer from Hello, Goodbye came down offstage and danced with us. I was right there. Ha and I got one of his guitar picks. The concert went from 7 to about 11:30. I left completely deaf and my voice was almost gone from singing along and shouting. But it was worth it. It was SUPER FUN!
On the way home it took about and hour and a half we were driving on I-15 in the middle of the city and it was pretty deserted. The rest if us were almost asleep and all of a sudden there was a deer in the road. A huge one! Bonnie (my roommate who was driving) swerved barely out of the way. We almost hit it going 80. We starting fishtailing but Bonnie got in under control. I seriously almost died though. Ah! In my head I just kept repeating "I am going to die, I am going to die!" It was super scary. But we got home fine and it was one of the funnest nights of my life!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008!!!

I had classes and work earlier that day and I started feeling sick in the morning. But it was Halloween so I dealt with it. Well yesterday (saturday) that caught up with me and now I am not doing so well but Halloween was really fun! I am a Cheetah!

We went to a restraunt, Hamiltons and went dancing. It was really fun until it got a little creepy with the drinking and dancing. So we sat down for a while and made fun of all the drunk people and left at about one. While we were sitting there this one guy told us were were too sober and offered us some of his drink. He was dressed up like the Joker. We nicely refused and laughed as he walked off. Wow interesting night. I really liked my innocent upbringing. Ha

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I died my hair again!

So... I meant for it to turn out dark brown. It didn't. Oh well. Back to black. I am also getting a new computer. Yay!!! For Amy. No more slowness and ginormousness (that word doesn't make sense... oh well) any more. I did really well on my latest history test. My last one I did not do as well so I worked my butt of and got an 88!!!! And I finally had my car registered so I no longer have to be careful for cops. Life is good. Still stressfull, but good. I love Halloween! I am so excited! We are having a party!

Monday, October 6, 2008

So my computer won't start!

Yeah so my computer crashed! I know my luck. It is an old guy. Like four and a half five years old. So now i will have to use the computers on campus so I won't be blogging as much. Well my life is pretty good. Now I have to start saving money for a new computer. Yay! I have my four classes with are going pretty well and I am a mom in institute choir and I actually got up for 9 OCLOCK church (not last sunday but the one before that because last sunday was general conference). I work a lot and hang with Leash a lot. It rained ALL weekend. Like constantly. Weird. I bought a little pumpkin and drew a face on him and named him Petey the Pirate Pumpkin. He has an eyepatch. It's getting cold and I have to get to class.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Football Game

USU vs. UofU
Well we got crushed but really that's a shocker!!! We all knew it would happen but went anyway. We had tons of fun dressing up and putting paint on out faces. And yells and booed the other team. We did get a touchdown in the first three minutes. That was really cool. Then it kind of spiraled down from there. A couples guys before the game walked around holding signs that said. "i would rather be an Aggie and lose, then be a Ute and a doUche.'' ahaha. True story! So we left half way through. If I thought we had even remotely a chance, I would have stayed but we all knew we didn't. We went out to Angie's, that's a local restaurant here in Logan and ate to our lose. Oh well. We have a great basketball team. And for what we lack in talent we make up for in rather rude but exuberant Aggie pride!

(The last picture on the left is Leash and I pretending to be shocked that we are losing.)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Apartment

My New Apartment (Mine is the one with the door open)
So this week has been a definite challenge. I don't really want to talk about it. Well anyway. My classes are good. Long. My shifts at work are good. Long. I still don't know about my financing. Blah blah blah sad. Anyway I am glad to be back at work and school. I never realized how many friends I had up here. And how much I missed Logan. I really LOVE it up here. I am really happy. Of course I miss everyone back at home or off doing their own thing. I'm sure I will see you soon! It is just getting a little colder and is wonderful. I can not wait for fall. It is my favorite! My two roommates have made little effort but the other one is super nice. I sewed some really cute pillows for the living room. Who knew I could sew? Well me... but I don't spread it around. It was bare and I will put up pictures of it when I am done with the curtains. It looks bad now. I only have to walk a block to the shuttle stop but it ends at three so I often have to walk home. It is not too bad. Well until the weather gets worse.
I live right by Jamba Juice. I love Jamba Juice. Oh and I don't have cable. Yikes. For me that is a hardship! At least I have a DVD player. Funny story. So the other day I was cutting Jalapenos and even after I washed my hands I touched my eye and I was in severe pain for about ten minutes. Ah crap it hurt. Ha ha Well what can you do? I can laugh about it now. So it is all good. Bad times mean good ones are coming simply from the lack of bad times!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Logan Again!

Well things are geting better! I am moved into my apartment in Logan and one out of three roommates are really nice. She tells me the other two will warm up to me. So that is good. But I have my own room and I don't share a bathroom with them so I'm good. I start classes tomorrow and I got hours at work. I took pictures of my apartment but left my my card burner at home and I think it is lost too. So I will get a new one. But things are good. Still don't know about my financial aid. But prayer works so I hope it works out.

Friday, August 22, 2008



Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh my freaking GOSH!

Jess got married this morning! She told us to be at the Mt. Timp temple at nine thirty to see her come out. We woke up freaking early and drove rather fast and color coordinated (even though we told people we didn't) and get there and yeah she didn't come out until eleven. It's all good just funny! We thought her family would be in front but me, Leash, Jess W. and Jimmy's parents ending up being in front. She came out with Mike. OH my gosh she looked gorgeous!!!!!! The three of us squiled when she came out at the same time. We did know if we should swarm or let her family so we stood there but she looked at us and said. "What don't I get a hug?" So pretty much the three of us bolted to her and hugged for a while and then single hugs and hugs with Mike. We all took pictures together and went back to the luncheon where we loudly talked about crazy childhood stories of Jess very animatedly until she came over to listen. We were all just dying of laughter. I have to get ready for the reception. Jess W. and I took a nap but pictures and more to come!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Bridal Vale Falls 7-24-08

So I was really going to go to the parade in Spanish Fork to see Jess Warr on her float looking like a princess but I stayed at Leash's in Provo and was really tired so it did not happen. I went on a blind date Wednesday night. Yeah that was weird. Anyway, the twenty fourth was good even though I had to work that night. We went to Bridal Vale like we do every year, and climbed it.

Once again I avoided fate and did not fall to my death. Out of all my friends I can see myself doing that. It was a lot stronger this year and a bit less cold this time since we did it in the early afternoon instead of later. It was lots of fun. We had a picnic up Provo Canyon and ate KFC first. I am so soar and it hurts my feet super bad but it was really fun!

After a sucky night at work we went and watched the fireworks at the new ballpark in Spanish. I love fireworks. They make me happy and feel like a child. They are bright and sparkly. How can I resist?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh Gosh I should be paid more!

So yesterday was actually an alright day just really long and tiring! I had to go to Murrey to the Fashion Place mall to cover at the Clair's up there. So an hour drive and I had a nine and a half hour shift on a friday night. There was just me and an associate so I was shift manager and I could not leave the store. She went and got me and her food but I was unable to eat it for about an hour. We were so busy and only I can handle certian things like returns and exchanges and paperwork. And we were just so busy I didn't want to leave her to do it all. Finally she was like,"AMY, it is eight o'clock. You need to eat." So I went in the back to a fifteen. We had about probably twenty five piercings and I usually do them because I am fast and do a good job. Oh gosh. To top it all off the person from Icing did not show up to take the deposit with her because I don't have a key and we do the deposit differently in my store. It was okay. I was actually not too tired. Just a long long day. And then I had an hour drive home. I really need to be paid more.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I have been feeling a little down lately but I am sure I will be back to my normal awesome self soon!

Alishia told me what she is getting me for my next birthday (seven months away... no I am not counting yet) and it will go well with my pirates and princess theme in my room. They are not really themes but I have a poster and action figure and calender of pirates of the car. And a couple pictures of princess's. So much for the surprise Leash. So pretty much I am just bored and rambling. Oh well.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Oh summer!

I am sick of the summer. I am a summer person but it is going on forever. Being out of University sooner is weird. My summer jobs are in general driving me crazy and wearing me out. My family ranges from really frustrating to a big bowl of crazy! And I can't wait to get back to my classes and have a structured independant life again. On the other hand I don't want this summer to end because I also like to hang with my father and sibs. I know I will miss them a ton when I am gone. I have a lot of friends down here that will stay here. I have a few up there but it is still really hard. I have change and attachment issues. It is really time to move on though. My mom sold our house in Woodland Hills that we have lived in since I was ten and is my most perminant place in my life. It was there that my life was the least complicated and I was really happy. I have moved 19 times and the number will just keep going up. Needless to say, I hate moving! Most of my friends will be gone now. At least moved to Provo or further. I miss Logan. It is my home now as much as Spanish Fork/Woodland Hills. And this summer is figuratively and literally the final summer of my teenage/childhood years. The last summer with all my friends here and single. After this summer everything will change. That is good but at the same time... hard.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Hey Everybody!

I have decided to make a blog. It is a fun way to let people know what is going on. Not too much is really at the time but me working and staying at home for the summer. I am excited to go back to Utah State soon. I am not sure how I will pay for school but I will figure it out and Logan is where I am supposed to be so what can you do?

Ninja Cat

So not too new news but I think my new kitten at my dad's house is secretly a ninja. She likes to attack people with flying leaps. She pretty much drives me crazy. If she knows I am in my room in the morning she will sit and meow SO loud starting at about seven in the morning outside my door. She jumps on pretty much anything that moves with claws out, including me. She can run across the room in a second and come out of no where. It's pretty creepy. She will eat any scrap of anything on the floor and sometimes she disappears and I think she is on secret ninja missions. I will try to get a picture of her using her ninja skills for you.