Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2 Letter

Well this week has been eventful. I found out I was getting transfered and usually we do not get to know where we are going until we get to the transfer meeting that is in the area we are going to. Since the sisters have a lot less options I pretty much figured out where I would be going and then weedled it out of Sister Miller. Well I am now in South Haven/ Olive Branch, Mississippi. It is about 20 minutes south of Memphis just in Mississippi. Our apartment is in Olive Branch but only a small amount of Olive Branch is in the ward we work in. The South Haven ward. We (and a companionship of Elder's) cover a huge area. South Haven, White Haven, Horn Lake, a little Olive Branch, part of Memphis and a couple other little communities. My companion is Sister Pabst. She is REALLY nice. Just sweet and quiet. That is an adjustment. I now have to pretty much lead conversations now. And have to the outging one but oh well. It is a good combonation because I rock at teaching and she is good at planning and making decisions. So it is going well. And she never bosses me around at all. It is great.
It is definitly different here. It is clean and organized. There are actually places to go and stores. We get fed pretty much every night because it is a ward. That is awesome! We usually eat with the elders at peoples houses and it is nice to be around other missionaries all lot. In Camden the closest Elders where over an hour away. Next monday a member is treating us to Graceland. Cool. It has been a few years (8-ish) since I have been so I am excited. It is only about 10 minutes north. The work is a little harder here. We are supposed to concentrate on part member families, less actives (or as Sister Pabst puts it "less happy" ha) and recent converts. It is going good but it is hard sometimes to catch people at home so we still do a lot of tracting and that falls on me pretty much now. Oh well. It is just tiring and oh so hot! I have gotten so much sun (where it is possible).
Sister Miller and I are such better friends now that we do not have to be around each other all the time. We actually talk on the phone or leave messages for each other. I like her as a friend. But she is just too bossy as a companion. I have my 5 month mark tomorrow. Can you believe it? I have been out 5 months!!!! Crazy! Oh and our apartment is SUPER nice! I have a queen size bed. Which rocks. Everything works, nothing leaks or stops working, we have an ice maker (I never thought I would be so excited to have an ice maker), we have ceiling fans. That's just nice, and new, and clean. Ahhhh!
Anyway, I think that is about it this week.