Sunday, March 21, 2010

Letter from Amy

Amy is now headed to Arkansas!!! For those who would like to write, her new address is:

Sister Amy Elise Broadhead
Arkansas, Little Rock Mission
905 Kierre Dr. North
Little Rock, AR

Hi guys!
This is my last P-day in the MTC!!! But this should be my e-mail address in the field too! But write me letters too. I don't have much time here on e-mail right now so I can't say much but I will have more time when I am in the field. I am doing great. I really love it. It is a great experience and I love the sisters in my district. It is very different and I am still adjusting but it's great. The food here really does make you feel gross inside! I sometimes get aweful stomach cramps but I leave on tuesday morning at 6 and have to report a 3. Ah I am so psyched to GO!!!!! I was made coordinating sister for my zone the first sunday I was here. yeah awesome! Really though it is all right just more pressure but I do all right at it. I am good at helping the new sisters feel more comfrotable and less freaked out. But I am replaced on sunday. It helps having quite a few people here that I know. From my ward at home. Or from school. My cousin who I was baptized with got here a week ago that is cool.
I am tired of practicing and role playing and ready to do the real thing. On tuesday we have devotionals and I sing in the choir of course and Elder Quintin L. Cook from the Quarum of the Twelve Apostles came and spoke to us. I am so lucky! It was amazing he spoke just to us and spoke of how the people are prepared and humbled in these hard times to receive the fullness of the gospel and I am ready to do it! I am so lucky to be here. I know I sound super churchy but this place does it to you. With all the missionaries here just gospel all the time. It is just the greatest feeling ever!
I am super grateful for all of you and hope to talk to you again soon!
Sister Amy Broadhead
P.S. probably if you are going to write me send any letters to Arkansas now.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Amy's out a-servin'! :)

Hello! This is Jess Nielsen-Beach, and I have officially taken over Amy's blog! :) Alishia will help contribute with any pictures/info she wants to, so it's going to be a team effort.

Amy was set apart on Tuesday, March 2. It was a beautiful occasion and VERY difficult to say goodbye. :( She is now in the MTC, and if anyone would like to write to her, her address is:

Sister Amy Elise Broadhead
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT 84064

After March 23, her new address will be:

Sister Amy Elise Broadhead
Arkansas Little Rock Mission
905 Kie...rre Dr. North
Little Rock, AR 72116-3709.

Yeah, she wrote the "..." and the "Dr. North." It looks a bit strange to me, but I'm sure it's right. :)