Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Football Game

USU vs. UofU
Well we got crushed but really that's a shocker!!! We all knew it would happen but went anyway. We had tons of fun dressing up and putting paint on out faces. And yells and booed the other team. We did get a touchdown in the first three minutes. That was really cool. Then it kind of spiraled down from there. A couples guys before the game walked around holding signs that said. "i would rather be an Aggie and lose, then be a Ute and a doUche.'' ahaha. True story! So we left half way through. If I thought we had even remotely a chance, I would have stayed but we all knew we didn't. We went out to Angie's, that's a local restaurant here in Logan and ate to our lose. Oh well. We have a great basketball team. And for what we lack in talent we make up for in rather rude but exuberant Aggie pride!

(The last picture on the left is Leash and I pretending to be shocked that we are losing.)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Apartment

My New Apartment (Mine is the one with the door open)
So this week has been a definite challenge. I don't really want to talk about it. Well anyway. My classes are good. Long. My shifts at work are good. Long. I still don't know about my financing. Blah blah blah sad. Anyway I am glad to be back at work and school. I never realized how many friends I had up here. And how much I missed Logan. I really LOVE it up here. I am really happy. Of course I miss everyone back at home or off doing their own thing. I'm sure I will see you soon! It is just getting a little colder and is wonderful. I can not wait for fall. It is my favorite! My two roommates have made little effort but the other one is super nice. I sewed some really cute pillows for the living room. Who knew I could sew? Well me... but I don't spread it around. It was bare and I will put up pictures of it when I am done with the curtains. It looks bad now. I only have to walk a block to the shuttle stop but it ends at three so I often have to walk home. It is not too bad. Well until the weather gets worse.
I live right by Jamba Juice. I love Jamba Juice. Oh and I don't have cable. Yikes. For me that is a hardship! At least I have a DVD player. Funny story. So the other day I was cutting Jalapenos and even after I washed my hands I touched my eye and I was in severe pain for about ten minutes. Ah crap it hurt. Ha ha Well what can you do? I can laugh about it now. So it is all good. Bad times mean good ones are coming simply from the lack of bad times!