Saturday, January 24, 2009


I havn't written for a bit. I am super stressed! I have to work a lot and my homework load is so much worse than any other semester. I intended to work on homework all weekend but yesterday I was called to give a talk in church. yay... I just stammered. "" Brother Workman was like, "is that all right?" and I was like, "um... other than the fact I havn't given a talk in seven years when I was thirteen and it was three minutes long and my petrifying fear of public speaking... sure" but I don't really want to be smitten. I have enough problems as it is.
I have now fallen down four times this winter. I can walk normally but put me on ice and I will inevidably fall down. A few days ago it rained and then froze on the ground. Uh! I fell forwards and landed on my hands, knees and chin. Then fell backwards and hit my head. Then slipped and fell on my foot. Then two days ago I slipped on my stairs and hit my back and hurt my foot... again. This is a venting blog today. I am feeling better but... yeah.

So I got a new fish. I named him Monty. Him and I are good friends. He is redish and purple on the end of his long fin. And in good news... I TURN 20 IN EIGHT DAYS!!!