Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 30 Letter

Well, this week has been good and bad. I got a cold/the flu and I have not been feeling very well. But it has been a whole lot cooler too. Which is super nice! I mean it is still in the 90's but the humidity has gone down and it has just been nice. So I felt like crap but would have felt worse if it had been hotter. Man I think I have run into some of the most annoying people this week while I have been sick. It is frustrating. They are argumentative and usually I am fine but when I don't feel well. You might want to look out. This one annoying "reformed" baptist (which is stupid, he is still baptist which is a lazy religion) was so arrogant with his only the bible is correct and I rather nicely told him that he was limiting God because that is not what the revelations scripture means. Man he did not like that. Yes it was a little harsh but the Book of Mormon says it pretty much like that in 2 Nephi 29, so I don't feel bad. He was rude.
Anyway I found a plot and the Elder's did not believe me until the very end. But you know me always thinking up weird things. Well, the ward has a lot of younger couples with small children because there is a really good optometry school here in Memphis so a lot of couples come from Utah for four years while they are in school. Well this last week all the houses we went to Sunday- Thursday where second year optometry school families and all of them served us chicken Alfredo. All of them. Five nights in a row. I mean don't get me wrong I love chicken Alfredo. But they had to have planned it. It was just too weird. Then now that we all thought about it. They would say things like. Have you eaten a lot of Italian lately or ask us who we had eaten with. The Elder's thought I was just weird until the last night we walked into the Winter's house and guess what we were having... chicken Alfredo. I have not had it once before on my mission at a member's house. Not once in six months. Then five times in a row and all the guys know each other. Yeah I am right. We are trying to come up with something to do back to them to let them know we figured it out. But we can't think of anything.
So yesterday after church we were sitting out in our car in the parking lot eating our meager lunch. We bring lunch's with us a lot because we live so far from the major part of our area and we can't waste miles. Well we were hoping that someone would sign up from dinner at church. No one did and the Elder's can just go home and make something. Well we did not bring much for lunch and dinner so Sister Pabst had some bread and an apple and I had fruit snacks and chips oh and some gold fish Elder Robinson gave me because he did not want them from a package from home and so they were in the car. Anyway a member saw us and was like. No!!! No that is not all right! You are coming to our house for lunch! It is not like we were there because we wanted that to happen. We felt very pathetic. Like oh poor sister missionaries have no food. It is true and I did not feel that bad because it was good food. It was pretty funny though. Anyway... things are going good here. I had a President's interview this week. I'm thinking Sister Pabst and I will probably be staying here another transfer but we really never know. We have another week then we will find out. I can't believe I have been in Mississippi for almost a transfer all ready. Elder Robinson will be leaving for another area is what it sounds like which will be sad because we all get along so well. He only has one more transfer anyway before he goes home.
That's about it for this week.

August 23 Letter

Wow, time is flying. This week has gone pretty fast. It has been a little cooler which is really not that much cooler but I have new standards. ha. Not a whole lot significant has happened. We are just working on the area a lot. I am about ready to hurt some less (happy) actives. So I might be getting a little blunt in days soon to come. One fun thing was it was Elder Summers 20th birthday. We have a lot of fun with the Elders and I thought we should go get him "presents". Sister Pabst agreed. And due to our very tight budget and well it is just funner we headed to the dollar store. We knew he would have fun with it so we bought him some of the most ridiculous stuff. A stick with a dinosaur head on it. Like one of those horse toys kids have and some fairy slippers (he likes to prance, it is really funny). Lets just admit it most of the time I come up with ideas and end up paying for them. Oh well. It was so worth it. I also got dollar rapping paper with toys on it and big green bows. We had dinner at a members house that night for his birthday and they also cool awesome stuff. And for dessert oh my gosh Teramisu (not really, that has espresso. She put berries) it is really creamy and just one of the yummiest things I have every tasted. We then gave him his birthday presents. Elder Robinson said he was scared. It was a big success. He then proceeded to bug Elder Robinson with the Dinosaur head and named him. It might be one of those had to be there things but it was super funny!
We also had a few interesting missionary moments. We went back to Sister Oravis's. The less happy lady to made Sister Pabst cry. It was much better. She was so much nicer and apologized but her huge fuzzy dogs were still all over me and you just can't get all the long white dog hairs off of a black skirt. Ugh. That was a good visit though. We tracted into a few Buddhists and Hindu's this week. I have no idea how to approach them. I am so used to the Bible belt where everyone believes in Christ already. Oh we go and teach this old Catholic black lady in Horn Lake. I don't think she has any idea of what we are talking about. She is missing a leg and has these long creepy fingernails. She was complaining how she can't get to a salon to get them painted. So loving sweet Sister Pabst volunteered to do it. She ended up getting roped into clipping them too. They were long like claws. One of them had fungus and they oozed this green/grey stuff as she clipped them. GROSS!!! I am not that loving to do that. I think I would have to sanitized my hands and then light them on fire. ewwwww
Oh the Elders have some drama with investigators that we almost got roped into but not quite thank heavens. Sister Caulson called us and wondered what we thought about Miss Bonnie Ivey (investigator from a crazy very southern family, her husband is a member now coming back to church and 3 of their grandchildren,who live with them, just got baptized). Well Miss Bonnie was sitting with the Caulson's at the linger longer and Sister Caulson felt like she had an Evil spirit as they talked about missionary work and the church and then jumped up and went and hugged Elder Summers and whispered something in his ear. And she was concered that it did not seem to concern him. I said he was probably just keeping his cool and I don't know the situation with Miss Bonnie. Well I called the Elders to give them a heads up that she had already talked to the Bishop about it. They told me Miss Bonnie does not specifically like the Caulson's (Brother Ivey, her member husband, does though so that's they sat with them). She does not like them because #1 her granddaughter wants to date their son and #2 Sister Caulson is black and Brother Caulson is white. Awesome. Good old southern racism. So she will not listen to anything they say. I was just taken aback. It did not even occur to me. Wow, how exactly should they explain that to her. Poor Elders. Ah
That's about it. I am a bit frustrated with people this week. Freak just come to church!!!! Other than that things are good here in Mississippi! I like the ward and the area.
P. S. I am almost at six months! Yay!

August 16 Letter

Sorry I have not written for two weeks. Due to our visit to Graceland last monday I did not have time to e-mail. So here goes. Man these last two weeks have been busy. We are getting our teaching pool up and were able to visit a lot of people. Things are going great. I really love this area, my companion, my district. I am just doing great.
Graceland was good. It was the beginning of Elvis week. Today is the anniversary of his death. We went at the beginning of it so it was not too crowded. There were a lot of people dressed up like him though. Elvis was an interesting man. It was nice to go back again. Brought back memories and it is always fun to hang out with the Elders. They are pretty funny/weird. I am so glad the summer is winding down. I have never been so hot and sweaty in my entire life!!!!! Summer lasts a long time here but I just want to got over this crazy heat. It is no fun to be tracting in 107 degree heat with the heat index at 120 degrees. Yeah not fun at all. I got heat exhaustion the other day. I have to drink SO much water not to get sick. And we don't go back to our apartment during the day. It is on one side of the area and we mostly work on the other. We do not have the miles to go back. So we take a lunch and just do the best that we can.
This week has been the beginning of leadership training meeting in the mission. I don't have to go because well I am not an Elder and cannot be a leader but I also am not training. Neither is Sister Pabst. I am not a greenie and neither is she so we did not have to go but Elder Robinson (here in Southaven) and Elder Low (in Sanetobia, just below us, he is our DL) had to go. They all stayed in the Elders apartment and the two went up to Memphis for the day Friday and Saturday. Well they forgot to leave the keys to the car they left so Elder Summers (the other Elder here in Southaven) and Elder Andersen (the other Elder in Sanetobia) could drive around and still see people. So they called us and we got the pleasure of driving them up to Frayser (North GHETTO Memphis) to go get the keys from them at the meeting. Well the GPS was in the locked car and we don't have one. So we got to map it and the south. I don't know. It was interesting. Oh well. We had so much fun! Then stopped and got lunch. Anywho. Another day in the life of Sister Broadhead.
Oh district meeting was super fun this week. That is a little sarcastic but it was funny too so that is all right. Elder Low brought "The Box of Mystery". He basically went and bought a bunch of props. We did roll plays. One missionary would go into the hall and we would decide what the situation would be and we had to roll play contacting. Well I suck at roll playing but it was super funny in the other ones. The first one was Elder Robinson who dressed up like an old woman. Well you see. He can do a spot on impression of Mrs. Doubtfire. I was DYING is was laughing so hard. He is totally in character and he even looks like robin williams a little. Oh my gosh. I was in pain I laughed so hard. We went over for how long the meeting us supposed to be but that is all right. We had a quick lunch. It was worth it. The last one they pretty much were goofing off. Pretending to be old men that actually live in Monticello (kind of by Camden). I never met the men but I heard all about them from Elder Andersen and Elder Robinson served over there too. I never met them but I knew lots of people like them in Camden. It was really funny.
Oh man sometimes missionary work is so awkward. And I have no idea what to do. I am not very good with awkardness but better than Sister Pabst. We went and saw this less active lady. She is pretty interesting. Well anyway. She went on a rant about how she would rather go to hell than give up her two cups of coffee a day and using excuses to justify her drinking wine. I HATE when people use Christ as an excuse. It's like really people. What do you think he would say about that. Expecially since he is the one that gave us the Word of Wisedom and you know it. Anyway. I felt like telling her that. But of course I did not. And then there was the most awkward silence I have ever experienced in my entire life. It is really funny looking back at it now. And Sister Pabst says it is a lot less awkard with me than Sister Eckardt. Sister Pabst was so frustrated and Sister Oravis was like is something wrong. And Sister Pabst started crying. Sister Oravis did not realize it was because she was frustrated with her. We were so tired. She felt really dumb afterwards. And you know how I get when people cry. It just made it all worse. Oh good times.
Anywho. I can't think of anything else really to talk about so I will end it for this week.