Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 4

I have not posted in a long time! The idea of having someone post for me while I was on my mission did not work out so well. Ha. Oh well. I have been home for almost a year and a half. Since I have been home I have pretty much just worked. I am assistant manager at Seagull Book. I have a niece, a few friends married and a few babies, my mom is getting married, had leg surgery, I turned 24 four days ago... and I am out. I have a lot of friends that blog about their lives. I don't really have much to tell. So I decided to write a book review blog. I write about books and authors I like, book signings at work and new books coming out. All sorts of fiction books. I stay pretty well in the loop. I might post on here once in a while but you should check out my book blog!!!

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