Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 18

Hello, there will be no letter writing this week. I am off to another somewhere else on wednesday. Transfer calls where this morning and I am leaving Mississippi. I think I will be going to Dyrsburg Tennessee (northern Tennessee) with Sister Kirkpatrick but I am not 100% sure. I will have to let you know next week where I am. I was totally not expecting to be transfered but oh well. I am kind of glad. This area is wearing on my nerves. I need a change. But that means I have to start packing. It is stressful because there is so little room and you end up having to leave things and squish and squeeze to get everything in. I will be glad when winter is over and I can send all my winter things clothes and extra blankets home and I will have more room. There is not that long of winters here so it will only be like a few months from now.
I was totally planning on staying and being here for Halloween and Thanksgiving because they are both next transfer and then Christmas the next one. Well I guess it is all right. I am off to another adventure and Sister Kirkpatrick is really cool. I think I am going there because her companion is moving and me and I think that is all for the sisters. Sister Miller and I called all the sisters and I think that is it. So I pretty much know where I am going. So that is nice. Grocery shopping will be easy today. It is good because I hit my limit of stupid people (mostly closed minded-slam-the-door-in-your-face-baptists). There are probably some in Dyrsburg too but oh well.
Ha I was talking to Sister Miller this morning and she told me that President Drewes can't read me/figure me out. And it is driving him crazy. I don't tell him my feelings. Shocking I know. I mean. I don't talk about my feelings to like anyone. And I barely know him. Anyway. I think it is pretty funny. I can see in interviews how hard he tried to tell what I am thinking. But he just can't. It is very entertaining. He tries so hard to get things out of me. But you know how stubborn I can be if I don't want to. He asked me last time if I would rather him not pry but I told him that it doesn't really matter because if I don't want to say anything I won't. Ha.
The church's are so weird down here. They refuse to practice Halloween because of how it can be construed as "demonic". How silly. A lady asked us what the church thought about it and I told her that I think that is silly. You can make anything demonic and that as long as halloween is done the right innocent way dressing up like princesses is demonic. And the more that you oppose it and the more you make it seem demonic that more it will be portrayed that way. The ward here is having a drunk or treat on the wednesday before and a ward dance on the saturday. While all the other church's are having "fall festivals" or "fall carnivals" so silly.
Anyway, the weather is still weird. Getting up into the 90's during the day and 50's at night.
So I just found out that there is a super duper poisonous spider that is in the south. A banana spider and we have seen 3 of them this summer. We heard that they we harmless. Apparently not. Ugh. They are huge and yellow and probably the size of a tennis ball. Gross. Here is a picture. Gross I know.

And then I enclosed a picture of the district this last transfer. The picture last week was of the Elders in my last district and then is sisters.
Then last but not least. Sister Pabst and the awesome skirt her mom sent her that she made. That is like three sizes too big. She wears it anyway. Lets just say I make fun of her a little.

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