Tuesday, October 12, 2010

September 27

All right lets see for this week. We are teaching this new lady named Gina. We tracted into her and have taught her a few times. She is pretty promising. She is married and has two cute children. She said she won't be rushed but I think she is curious. She goes to a non-denominational church here in Southaven so she is not focused on what she was raised in but she is afraid of corruption. Anyway. We are working on it and she said we could come back some time this week. So that is good.
As usual it is a lot of meeting with less active people. Working on that and the weather this week was divine. We had zone conference on Friday here in Southaven. That was good and the Relief Society broadcast was just awesome. If any of you relief society friends did not see it. It was great. We went up to Memphis for it.
Oh on Saturday we tracted into this lady. Her husband is cousins of some active members here that they like a lot. I think she was trying to save us. Yeah she was kind of rude as we tried to explain all the things that she just could not understand. I just laugh about it because she would tell us to show her where it is in the scriptures and then we would. And then she would tell us to read it in context and read all the verses around it to get the whole picture. And I told her I had and just stopped talking about that subject because... sigh. She was still nice eventually after she told us we were deceived and Joseph Smith was an evil corrupt man. I laughed at that one. Yes I have read MANY more things on him then she has. Then she fed me lunch. Ha weird baptists.Good times.
Oh my gosh. Gospel principles was a nightmare on Sunday. There was this less active guy and almost everyone else was recent converts. The topic was eternal families. He had a lot of questions. All of them concerning DEEP doctrine that you just should not bring up in a gospel principles class. I spent the whole time stressed out trying to do damage control as the topics got more and more weird. No there will never come a time when God runs out of spirits to send down and so a baby is born without a soul. He is God! Really?!? Polygamy, how we can potentially become gods, when babies receive there souls before they are born.... etc. And the teacher has only been a member about 5 years. Poor guy. It was awful. Oh gosh.Good times. Luckily it did not cause too much damage. That all from me for now.

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