Tuesday, October 12, 2010

September 20

Holy crap. I either have 1 year left from today or 10 1/2 months. Sister Missionaries since we go home at 18 months instead of 2 years our 18 month mark is in the middle of a transfer. So we can either come home the first one or the last one. So Either the beginning-ish of next August I will come home or the 20th of September. Probably September so I have One year left TODAY! I will have a new mission president by then (for my last transfer or two) so I really don't know. The one I have now, President Drewes, would probably keep me. He is pretty cool. But intimidating. He was a three star general in the Air Force. Hard core. But he is kind of like Christ. He does everything in a loving way so it's not too bad. We don't have super strict rules either. Which is nice. Still missionary but not as bad as it could be.
Let's see. This week has been not bad. We got fed pretty much every night which is nice. We did not catch most of our "progressing" investigators which kind of sucks. But of well. We will work on it this week. We did meet a few more people tracting that said we could come back. Yay. Oh my gosh it is still in the late 90's here. Crazy. It is the middle of September and it is not cooling off hardly at all. It is so weird. It is better then August but still. This is crazy!
The new Elder here is annoying. But in a sincere way so it is a little hard to make fun of him... but not much. The only people I can make fun of are my companion, poor Sister Pabst and the Elder's so I take advantage of it. Elder Rubio does make it too easy sometimes. But he sometimes does not get it so that makes it entertaining. He doesn't get that I am making fun of him so I just look at Summers and he and I just laugh. Good times. Oh I remembered something. Ha ha Rubio told me that they were getting ready one day and blasting Sister Fry's music and they had someone call the cops and complain. I would too whether it was loud of not. Her music is awful. You cannot understand the full extent of the awfulness until you hear it yourself. Sister Fry is a lady in the ward who writes her own music. The Elder's have a copy of her church music Cd. It is so painful to listen to but it gets stuck in your head and you find yourself singing it ALL THE TIME. The pure awesomeness of it is that it NEVER rhymes. Ever. How is that even possible? It is so bad. And she uses the same repetitive melody for like half of them. Ugh!!!! Anyway, the cop looks into their apartment and starts asking them questions and they have to explain that they are missionaries (they have a big map and pictures on the walls and pins with little names on them in the map like they are planning something). Suspicious looking. Ha good times. I thought that was pretty funny.
There was a pretty good moment when we went back to this lady's house that we tracted into like 2 months ago. Well no one answered the door. So we were just talking about what we should do next when a guy came out the back door and saw us standing there. We had been there about 5 minutes. We just thought no one was home. I was like, "wow, this is awkward. I am sorry we are creepers." He was like oh no big deal. It was the lady's husband and he has family that has joined the church. He said we could come back so score. They are "really busy" apparently though so ugh! Just set an appointment will you!!!

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